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mio X-Series: Preset Naming Rules

When naming a mioX preset, the following rules apply: 

  1. The first character of a preset name must be a letter (upper or lower case)
  2. The preset name minimum length is 2 characters
  3. The preset name maximum length is 15 characters
  4. A preset name must be made up of allowable characters only: 

upper case letters 'A' to 'Z' 

lower case letters 'a' to 'z' 

numbers '0' to '9' 

'  '   space 

'_'   underscore

'.'   period

','   comma  

'-'   minus  

'+'   plus  

'/'   forward slash  

'('   curve bracket left  

')'   curve bracket right  

'<'   angle bracket left  

'>'   angle bracket right  

'['   square bracket left  

']'   square bracket right   

'{'   curly bracket left  

'}'   curly bracket right