Windows is giving me an error message when I try to install iConnectivity software

In some rare cases, Windows may mistakenly think that your iConnectivity software is not recognized as valid, and give you a Windows Smartscreen error message that looks something like this:

Image result for windows smartscreen

The most important thing to remember here is: DON'T PANIC! As long as you have downloaded the software directly from the iConnectivity website it should be completely fine and is not going to harm your computer.

The reason this might happen is because Microsoft's "Extended Validation" system isn't finding a digital code signing certificate that it wants to see (even though there is one there). It does not mean that our software has a virus or anything like that.

To fix this problem is very easy: simply click on the words More info. This will open a second window that will give you an option saying Run anyway. Choose this option and your software should install fine and work perfectly after that.