What USB hubs are compatible with the iConnectivity USB-MIDI Host port?

The USB-MIDI Host port on many iConnectivity interfaces is different from a normal USB port - it's designed solely to operate with USB-MIDI devices. However by adding a compatible USB hub, you can add up to 8 or more USB-MIDI devices to this port. Most standard USB hubs hould work fine with the Host port, but we do sometimes find the odd USB hub that doesn't operate fully with USB-MIDI. 

Note that in most cases an unpowered hub should work fine, but if you have multiple MIDI devices that rely on power coming from the USB port, you may need to purchase a powered hub instead.

The following list shows USB hubs that have been tested with the iConnectivity Host port. Since there are hundreds of different USB hubs on the market, it's impossible for us to test them all in-house, so many of these test reports have been submitted to us by users. As such, we cannot guarantee their accuracy, but in most cases they should be dependable. In general we have heard of very few USB hubs that do not work, and those have been very cheap "no name" models.