Why is my PlayAUDIO12 instantly switching scenes from green to red on the front panel?

Our PlayAUDIO12 live playback interface has a very fast failover time. This is to ensure that if you have a situation where your main computer goes down and the PA12 switches to your backup system that your audience never hears a glitch in your playback. However sometimes our failover trigger is too sensitive for your CPU or playback software, leading to accidental failover - which you can recognize when you see the SCENE LED on the front of the PlayAUDIO12 change from blinking green to red.

A common example of this issue that some Logic Pro X users find is that the audio and MIDI cuts out when they hit the "Play" button. In our testing we have noticed that when Logic Pro starts playing it can create an audio cutout that averages about 220 milliseconds. This means that at the default setting of the PlayAUDIO12, the interface thinks that there has been a signal failure, and triggers the failover mode to Scene B.

In order to fix this issue you will need to install our Advanced Settings Tool and tweak the timeout value. Please read the manual carefully before changing any settings of your PlayAUDIO 12 interface!

The default timeout for PlayAUDIO12 is 2 milliseconds. If using Logic you will need to ensure that the failover trigger is set to higher than 220 milliseconds.

Other playback software may exhibit similar behavior, especially if your processor is old or under heavy load, so experiment until you find a value that ensures that failover only happens in the correct situation.