How many MIDI ports can I access on the mio10?

The mio10 is somewhat misnamed. Most people think that it has 10 MIDI ports - but it actually has lots more MIDI ports than you might think!
  • 10 DIN-MIDI ports: those are the round sockets with 5 pins
  • 10 USB-MIDI ports: if you connect a USB hub to our special USB-MIDI Host port you can connect up to 10 USB-MIDI controllers and instruments
That makes a total of 20 MIDI ports, each with 16 individual MIDI channels, for a stunning total of 320 simultaneous MIDI channels!

There's only one problem: your computer can only send and receive 16 virtual MIDI ports on its USB connection... So how can you address all 20 of the MIDI ports on the mio10?

The solution is remarkably simple: the mio10 has 2 computer USB ports - just connect both of these to your computer and you will be able to transmit and receive MIDI on all possible ports of the interface.

Alternately you could connect your computer to a single USB port to give you 16 virtual MIDI ports, and use the mio10's Ethernet port to send RTP-MIDI for the other 4 virtual ports via your home network connection!