iOS11 "Stuttering audio" Fix

Since the newest release of iOS11 some have had audio "stutters" when sending audio out from their iOS devices.
We have a quick fix here for you to keep playing.

There are two steps that have been important in keeping your audio playing smoothly.

1. Change the clock source to the USB connected to your iOS device.
- Go to Audio Info tab in our iConfig program

Under Audio Information you will see a dropdown menu next to the words "Clock Source"
Use this dropdown to change from "internal" To the USB Device Jack port number you are using.

* You will need to commit and reset before any changes take effect.

2. Increase "Number of buffered audio frames" & "Sync Factor Value
- You can find both of the options under the audio information section in audio info tab.

The higher the number the more the device will be able to get the audio slowly smoothly again.

Hopefully this should fix up any audio disruption you were having.