How do I save the settings on my iConnectivity interface?

There are many ways to save the settings on your iConnectivity interface. You can do it via software or via the hardware itself. This article will explain how they all work. 

Note that if you are using a PlayAUDIO12 you should skip to the last section on saving via your interface front panel.

Software: Auracle

Auracle (1.41) automatically saves your progress every few seconds so you literally don't have to do anything at all to save your settings - it just does it for you. This is by far the simplest way to save your work.

Software: iConfig

In iConfig you can access the Save Preset feature by going to the Menu and selecting File > Save Preset


A new window will appear. Fill in the name and description and select Check All.


From here you get 2 options:

OK button selection (bottom right corner)

This will save 2 files and you can load them by using the File > Load Preset selector in iConfig.

Export as MIDI (bottom left corner)

This option will save two preset files on your computer which can be loaded on to the interface using a standard MIDI player.
You only need to load one of the files. Drag the file into the MIDI player and send the player's MIDI output to any port on the interface. 
If you use the one ending in reboot you will need to restart the interface after loading. The other file will load the preset and not need a reboot.

Hardware: Interface front panel

To perform a hardware save on an iConnectivity interface simply click once on the knob or button on your interface's front panel. If you have a touch panel it will flash orange twice to indicate a save has happened. 


Saving on the PlayAUDIO12

Unlike the other current iConnectivity interfaces, the PlayAUDIO12 has two memory locations, one for each of the two failover settings. This means that in order to save individual routings you need to save twice - once in each of the memory locations. 

To do this: 

  1. Edit Scene A
  2. Depress the hardware knob on the front panel to save Scene A settings
  3. Switch to scene B
  4. Make the modifications you need to Scene B
  5. Hardware save again using the front panel knob

Note that this hardware save only saves the scene you are on. If you switch scenes before doing the hardware save it will not be preserved in the PlayAUDIO12's memory.