New MacOS Compatibility Update - Catalina

On October 7, 2019, Apple released its latest version of MacOS: Catalina (also known as MacOS 10.15). As with all new operating systems, iConnectivity is conducting ongoing compatibility testing with Catalina.

Here is the current status of iConnectivity’s (and related) software:

Fully Compatible – This software is compatible with MacOS Catalina. It is safe to upgrade to MacOS Catalina if you so desire.

Compatible with Work-Around – This software will operate with macOS Catalina but will likely require work-around(s). If you are running MacOS Mojave or earlier, we recommend you remain on that version of MacOS until further notice. If you decide to upgrade to MacOS Catalina or you already have Catalina installed on your computer, work arounds are described in the Knowledge Base at:

Not Yet Compatible – This software is not currently macOS Catalina compatible. While we are diligently working through our testing process, we strongly recommend that you remain on current versions of macOS (Mojave and earlier) until further notice. For those purchasing new Mac hardware, Catalina may be the only operating system choice available. At this stage, it is difficult for us to guarantee that all software marked “not yet compatible” will work perfectly; however, we are working hard to ensure all users will be adequately supported.

**Updated last:  March 12, 2020