mio X-Series Host Port

About mio X-Series Host Ports

The mio X-Series interfaces (mioXM and mioXL) have multiple USB-MIDI Host Ports for hosting additional USB-MIDI devices (for example: a keyboard controller with USB) on USB A-type connectors. Internally, your mioX interface then routes MIDI data between your hosted device(s) and all other I/O ports. The routing may be configured using Auracle for X-Series software.  

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Note that the USB-MIDI Host ports require your connected devices be Class Compliant USB MIDI controllers. 

So how are they numbered? 

Answer. They aren't numbered in a "physical port" manner, so we don't number the ports on the mioX itself. 

Instead, host assignments are flexible: you can plug a USB-MIDI device into any of these ports at any time. Regardless of which USB type-A Host Port you plug into, the first USB-MIDI device plugged in will be assigned HST 1, the second device assigned HST 2, and so on. A mioX device can even host external (powered) USB hubs with additional USB-MIDI devices for a total of 8 (mioXM) or 10 (mioXL). If you desire consistent host port numbering, Auracle for X-Series software may be used to reserve port numbers for specific hosted USB-MIDI devices in your setup, regardless of what order your devices are plugged into the host ports. 

How do I reserve my controllers using the Auracle for X-Series software?

Check out the USB Device Reservation Guide at: https://www.iconnectivity.com/auracle-x-series

What else should I know about the USB-MIDI Host Ports?

There's more general information at: What does the Host Port on my iConnectivity Interface do? 

Check out USB MIDI products and USB hubs that have been tested with our  Host Ports at: Host Port Compatibility List and Host Port Hubs

Power for host ports:
mioXL: Each host port can provide a maximum of 500 mA, up to a total of 3 Amps (3000 mA) across all 10 ports
mioXM: Each host port can provide a maximum of 500mA (on all 4 ports simultaneously).