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Auracle for X-Series: How to Perform a Software Factory Reset

How to do a Factory Reset in Auracle for X-Series software

This article describes how to reset your mioX back to its factory configuration via Auracle for X-Series software. Please note that your mioX's firmware version will remain the same; only stored parameters are being reset by this procedure. 

With your mioX plugged into your computer via USB, open Auracle for X-Series

Once discovered, your mioX device should appear in the Auracle for X-Series main window (aka "home page").

Click the Device Info button of the interface you would like to reset: 

The Device Information Panel will appear:

Select Factory Reset:

The Are You Sure warning/prompt will appear: 

Select Yes, I'm Sure and wait for interface to restart. 

Close the Device Information Panel and the mioX will restart in a factory reset configuration (with OLED Display showing 1 Preset 1  and the Back and Next buttons lit green).