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How do I reset my interface to the Factory Settings?

Factory Reset / Restore to Factory Defaults

This option is used to reset all user settings and restore the interface to its default settings. This option can be beneficial if your interface routings are behaving strangely or after a firmware update.

Using Auracle

Select the interface you wish to reset. (I selected the PlayAUDIO12)

From any tab you will see the gear icon in the top right corner of the Auracle window.
Select the Gear icon:

Select the option Restore to Factory Defaults.
The interface and Auracle software will restart and the settings will be reset when the interface reappears in Auracle.

Using iConfig

Select the interface you wish to reset in the dialog box ( I selected the PlayAUDIO12)

In the very top bar on your screen navigate to Device > Restore to factory Defaults

You will get a popup warning it will be resetting the settings.
Select "Yes"

The interface will reset and once it's ready will show again in the original dailog box.

Your settings are now reset.