I cannot see my interface connected to my Mac

Lets start with the basic checks:

1. Power
  • Do you have the power supply connected?
  • If your interface runs off USB bus power, is the USB cable connected to the correct USB port for power?
  • Is there at least 1 light on, on the front of your interface?
2. Connections
  • Is your USB cable connected from your the computing device to the interface?
  • Is your cable going into a USB Device Jack on the interface?
  • Have you tried another USB cable?
  • Have you tried the other USB port on your iConnectivity interface?
3. Check the computing device OS if the interface is being seen. More info on specifics below.

Everything is connected correctly why doesn't my Mac see the interface?

Where are you looking?

The best place to look to see if any MIDI / Audio gear is connected is Apple's built in Audio MIDI Setup.

There are a few ways to navigate to the Audio MIDI Setup. I usually find it quickest by using Apple's Spotlight search.

Select the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen:

Type in Audio MIDI Setup:

The first option should be the correct option, as shown above.

Often the Audio Devices window will appear first. This window will show your audio interface if you are using an audio interface.

This is the first place you can check your interface, if it has audio properties. 
Please also check the MIDI Studio section. To navigate to the MIDI Studio go to Window > Show MIDI Studio.

This page should then appear (note that the interfaces shown may be different on your screen):

If your interface is not showing in this window as a light blue colored box it means the computer isn't recognizing it.

At this point please test a few things to see if you can get the interface to show up:
  • Delete any box that has the interface name on it in this screen. Sometimes the computer sees an old configuration and gets confused.
  • Try repowering your interface and  using a USB cable to connect toe t computer again.
  • Put your interface into Bootloader Mode ( see article What is Bootloader Mode?)
If all these options are not working please contact support