How to load firmware with iConfig

Important: Please ensure you are using the latest version of iConfig (currently 4.2.7).
Also please check the USB Firmware Loading List before trying to load firmware to verify that you are connected to the correct USB port for loading firmware.

Method 1: Automatic firmware load

When you first open iConfig it will prompt you to upgrade your firmware if you are not on the newest version.
You can change the frequency at which iConfig searches for firmware upgrades by going to Device -> Firmware Check Frequency

To check at any point for firmware upgrade go to Device -> Upgrade Firmware

Method 2: Manual Firmware Load

This method will allow for loading or reloading any version of our firmware.
  1. Download the latest firmware for your interface
  2. In iConfig navigate to Device -> Load Firmware From Local Drive
  3. A finder window will open for you to select your downloaded firmware file (note that this will be a .MID file)
  4. The firmware will load and your interface will restart



If you are having trouble with iConfig 4.2.7, try downloading the latest firmware to your hard drive and use our new control software Auracle to load it to your interface instead.