How to load firmware to your iConnectivity interface with a standard MIDI player

In most cases you should use our Auracle software to install firmware upgrades to your iConnectivity interface. However iConnectivity firmware files are standard MIDI files, so in an emergency you can also use a standard MIDI player app to do this if need be!

Things you will need:

Example use with SysEx Librarian (Mac, Free). 

Use the dropdown list to select the interface in Bootloader Mode.

Drag your downloaded firmware file into the window.

Select "Play"

When the file has played completely through (time varies upon program and settings), reset your interface:
  • Button Series (mio & MIDI) --> Press and hold button until no lights are on.
  • Knob Series (AUDIO) --> Press and hold knob until no lights are on (after red lights in top of meter).