What to do when your interface is stuck in Bootloader Mode?

Before going further please check out the following two articles:

What to do when your interface is in Bootloader Mode?

  1. First make sure you are connected to the firmware loading USB port (as linked above).
  2. Connect to a computer (Windows or Mac) and open either iConfig or Auracle.
The software should recognize the interface is in Bootloader Mode and request that you update. Note that this looks different depending on which software you are using:

My software is not seeing the interface

Did the software see the interface before going into Bootloader Mode?
If yes, proceed to Loading firmware manually on iConnectivity interfaces
If no, look at the following options.
  1. Try another USB cable to the computer.
  2. Try another USB port on your computer.
  3. Is the USB port loose?
  4. Is the interface powered on?
If the answers to these are all negative please contact support.