Auracle for X-Series: Device Info Panel

Information on the Device Info panel in Auracle for X-Series

When Auracle for X-Series detects your interface, it will display a Device Pane: 

Device Pane in Main Screen

You can access the Device Info Panel by selecting the blue information button (letter 'i' inside a circle) in the top right corner of the device pane. 


Information/Options found on the Device Info Panel

  • Graphic of device
  • Product Name (mioXM or mioXL)
  • Serial Number (########)
  • Hardware Version (#.#)
  • Firmware Version (#.#.#) - This is your current firmware version. If your firmware is out of date, Auracle for X-Series will display a yellow warning triangle next to the blue information button on the previous screen.
  • Connected With - This lets you know if you are connected via RTP or USB. If you are connected via RTP, the Firmware menu will not show up in the device pane above; this is because firmware updates are only supported via USB.
  • Factory Reset - This button resets your interface to the default factory settings. Before the factory reset takes place, the program will ask if you are sure you really want to reset your interface.  See Auracle for X-Series: How to Perform a Software Factory Reset


Here's an example of what the Device Info Panel looks like (you will likely have a different serial number and firmware version):

Device Info Panel